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Quick shipment to Ghana

Ghana formerly known as the "gold coast" is located on the west of Africa and in the south it is surrounded by the gulf of Guinea. The land of the indigenous tribe Ašanti is visited mainly because of its traditions and nenarušenému way of life. Another curiosity, which attract the tourists are the traditional funerals of people in coffins in the shape of animals or according to the profession, which before his death had performed. For sending a package to Ghana, you can choose the easy road, and that parcel delivery services, which will save you time, money, and effort.


Consignment without the hassle

Shipments to foreign are usually very expensive and also brings many worries. However, you can avoid when using the mail order services that your package will carry at low prices and reliably to where you need. You can do it all from the comfort of home. You just have to subscribe to the service of the consignment to Ghana and wait until you courier your package to pick up. By all the worry you pass on the shoulders of someone else, which will not disappoint you and you can pay whatever you want.


Preparing shipments for dispatch

Consignment wrap so that was resistant to any damage. Therefore, on its packaging, use quality materials, mainly cardboard. As important it is necessary to prevent the goods inside to move freely and fill the package, for example, paper or bubble wrap.


What content is not allowed to send to Ghana

Ghana has so far, no strict rules for importing goods. The only, what you need to manage are the international rules for the carriage and rules of the mail order services of what goods it is not possible to deliver:

  • alcohol, cigars, cigarettes
  • substances that can be considered a drug or a health hazard
  • banknotes, coins
  • perishable foods
  • personal documents

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