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Shipment to Angola? For mail order services no problem

The african state of Angola is located on the long coast of the Atlantic and is divided into 18 provinces. Her biggest asset is, however, beautiful nature and the second largest waterfall in Africa. Even the wide expanse of this state will not prevent mail-order services in the reliable delivery of your packages anywhere you want to.


Save time and money

Shipment to Angola you may get pretty expensive. However, this does not apply for mail order services that offers low prices for its delivery. You don't have a package anywhere to wear even wait for his answer on the counter. Courier delivery service your package will take in your home and transport it to any address you specify. You in the meantime, you can enjoy your free time or work as you are used to.


How to pack a shipment so that it arrived okay?

Therefore, to ensure that the consignment arrived safely, it is important to use on her packaging, quality packaging. Immediately forget about paper or plastic. The best option is a cardboard box that will protect her from scratches or destruction. Next I'll get can also be a polystyrene or bubble wrap.


What are the restrictions for delivery to Angola?

Angola is not any strict law, forbidding the import of some specific and commonly available goods. However, this can always change, for example due to the political situation.

The only goods that it is not possible to send are:

  • Perishable foods
  • Dangerous or flammable substances
  • Chemicals
  • Banknotes, gems and coins
  • Personal documents


For the state does not apply the same rules as for the countries in the European union. For the successful and smooth sending a parcel to Angola you need to fill out documents that are needed for declaration and customs clearance. Some of the goods may be from this released, but only to a certain amount. Most of these are very low values, which range around several hundred.

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