Computop, a leading global Payment Service Provider (PSP), has announced that its payment platform, Computop Paygate, which has been connecting customers, merchants and payment methods for over 20 years, is entering a new era with the launch of Version 7.0.

Delivering over 250 payment methods, more than 50 acquirer connections, providing protection against fraud and supporting many other payment transaction services, Computop Paygate has become the central interface for international e-commerce merchants and at the Point of Sale (POS). Version 7.0, which launches today, introduces multiple new features and improvements which include:

Fraud prevention

Machine learning moves into Paygate with ’Rule Based becoming Risk Based’. In the new version, static settings do not decide whether transactions are blocked. Instead, the probability of fraud is calculated for each individual transaction on the basis of past transactions and a judgement is made as to whether the transaction is executed or rejected. Due to the continuous expansion of the decision basis, the Paygate learns more and optimizes its calculations on a daily basis.

Data analysis

The integration of geodata, which has also been made available for payments in the past, enables merchants to better evaluate their transactions. The successive integration of additional external data sources delivers more exciting analyses, which help merchants to optimize their payments and address customers’ specific needs.


The processing of worldwide payments from POS and e-commerce on a single platform has made Computop a pioneer in omnichannel payment. Alipay, WeChat Pay or instalment purchase by easycredit are just a few of the innovative payment methods at the POS. Simultaneously, Paygate 7.0 forms the basis for connecting the girocard network, which Computop will have built up by the end of the year.


Version 7.0 includes an API that allows merchants to automatically delete customer-related data when a customer requests it. Transaction-related data is retained anonymously for analysis.

New payment methods

As with almost every monthly update, new international payment methods and acquirers are added into Version 7.0, with Swish, Kalixa, Nordea, b4payment or the TOTAL fuel card being examples.Computop Paygate Version 7.0 is generally available from 25th October 2018. Connected customers have been automatically activated. The new version is fully downward compatible, therefore there is no need for adaptation for merchants and banks.